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Developing London's Properties

Constructing London's Future

Constructing London's Future

Constructing London's Future

Constructing London's Future

EEE : Combining Experience, Excellency and Expertise.


Lita Homes is a full-service property developer, managing the project from start to finish – investment, development, construction and marketing.   

Since our humble beginnings in 2007, we have sought to redefine the way Londoners feel about London living. We don’t just invest in properties; we choose to invest in communities and improve people’s lives. 

We set out to redefine London, one building at a time, Lita Homes has a proven track record in all facets of the development process, from site selection and acquisition, financial analysis to planning, development, completion, and management. 

We are more than just developers, we aim to raise the bar for residential, hospitality and mixed-use projects, we are dedicated to pushing design boundaries, to leave a mark on London’s cityscape.

Our Mission

To become the market-leading residential developers in London and the South East of England. We wish to contribute by shaping one of the most exciting, diverse and dynamic urban landscapes in the world. 

We put people at the forefront of our business. As we work towards our mission, we exist to provide excellent customer value, grow the business sustainably, develop and reward our people, and encourage social responsibility.

Our Vision 

To build a world-class portfolio by investing and developing first-class properties. 


Lita Homes' assets and capabilities are integral not only to our commercial endeavours but also vital contributors to the vibrancy of London and the South East's construction, property, and real estate sectors. These resources play a pivotal role in fostering innovation and facilitating the sustainable development of local communities and our workforce. 

Our company's assets, encompassing our headquarters, property portfolio, core offerings, competencies, and talented individuals, have positively impacted over 10,000 people since 2005. Through strategic investments in cutting-edge technology, continuous upskilling, and fostering meaningful relationships, we drive innovation and implement new methods of working while minimizing our environmental footprint. 

Our aspiration is to be recognized as the preferred property developers when people contemplate their living spaces in London. We are committed to achieving this goal through practices that ensure equal opportunities for our team members and bring tangible benefits to the communities we serve. 


Our in-house designers are dedicated to pushing design boundaries, to leave a mark on London’s cityscape.


We collaborate with our sister company, Access Building Contractors and other builders, to expertly handle all aspects of our development projects.


Our dedicated asset managers will ensure effective maintenance of your property, coordinating closely with you.

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